bet y’all didn’t know the reaper was my main man 
Really obsessed with my new tattoo
Anonymous said: How did nick die? Keeping you in my prayers ❤️

I have no idea if it’s my place to say right now since it just happened. Thanks but keep all of his close friends and family in your prayers too. I was merely blessed with the pleasure of being in his presence throughout the last year. Jtl and others were his true family and as much as I’m hurting from this terrible loss, they are all hurting 10x more. But thank you xoxo


this is amazinn
Anonymous said: i dont like that people are telling you to smoke your problems away and all that cus babygirl, you gotta heal! :// burying shit like that has made me just awful in the end. I know you feel absolutely terrible but PLEASE please i hope there is something that can make you feel like you can go through this pain, find love from family or somebody who you love.even though im just a random follower of yours, the fact that you're hurting so bad makes me feel terrible and i really wish the best for you

yeah yesterday was just a whirlpool of emotions so smoking did calm me down but you are right. If I have learned anything from this, its that drugs will never be the answer to anything in my life anymore. thank you for this message, it was really kind. xoxo

dasm00s3 said: Just keep smoking. Soon, you'll be too high to see the problems.

ya thats the plan